In mid-May the author of this blog relocated for the summer to Peru. The coming months should be an interesting opportunity to observe many of the themes on which this blog was conceived to focus upon. It’s for this reason that the Obscure Suddha is relaunching, in hopes that this space will in the future serve as a more regular repository for observations and analysis on governance in Latin America – and beyond.

Lima is the fifth-largest city in the Western Hemisphere, and feels that way; it is the capital of a country that has been at the top of a generally booming Latin American region in growth in recent years, and it feels that way, too. Lima is a vital, vibrant, crazy place – bustling and thrumming, a sense of ascendancy hanging in the air as palpable as the autumnal fog that drifts in off the ocean. At the same time, Lima’s very vitality is a spur to questions about that growth’s sustainability, and about the extension – or lack of extension – of the benefits of growth to the traditionally disadvantaged Andean highlands, historic homelands to Peru’s sizable indigenous populations. Governance in this dynamic, but still fragile, context, could make all the difference. The Obscure Suddha will hope to be exploring these pressing issues – as well as a variety of other themes Peru-related (and not) – in coming months.

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